R. Riveter - Empowering Military Spouses

One of the things we care deeply about at Fat Cow Coffee Roasters is supporting our soldiers and their families.  In fact, we have a legacy of former and current military service at Fat Cow Coffee Roasters.  So we have a strong conviction that regardless of your opinions regarding conflict or policy, one truth cuts through – our soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen and their families make extraordinary, and in many cases life-long, sacrifices on our behalf.    We were stoked when we came upon R. Riveter, a company founded by military spouses that provides unique and flexible employment to military wives wherever their husbands' work may take them.  R. Riveter designs, creates, and sells handbags that are hand-sewn entirely by military spouses using up-cycled military materials. They're stylish and cool and the story behind each bag is worthwhile.  Check them out yourself! (click here)