Mexican Decaf

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Mexican Decaf


12oz bag of coffee

Notes: Graham, citrus, peach and bran.

Region: Motozintla, Sierra madre de Chiapas

Fair Trade / Organic

Farm: Various smallholder farmer members of PROCAFEM

Altitude: 1300ft

Process: Washed, Mountain Water Process Decaffeinated

PROCAFEM stands for Productores de Café de Motozintla, and is an organization founded in 2002 by 20 societies from 10 communities within the municipality of Motozintla, in Chiapas, with a total founding membership of 257 producers. Today, PROCAFEM has nearly 350 members, and seeks to continue growing and expanding its mission of producing high-quality coffee with a focus on preserving the environment in and around Motozintla.

The area of Siera Madre de Chiapas where these smallholder farms are located is home to a wide variety of native plants and animals, and in order to protect the oak-pine forest, ferns, cypress, and various animals who live among these and many other species of plants, the farmers are dedicated to growing and processing their coffee organically. Many of the farmer members are also Mayan-Quiché by heritage and custom, and use traditional methods as well as innovative organic husbandry to tend to their farms.

PROCAFEM provides its members with training and technical assistance, as well as financial management support.



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