Sumatra Harimau Tiger

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Sumatra Harimau Tiger


12 oz bag of coffee

Flavor Notes: Sweet, milk chocolate, turmeric, sweet cedar and heavy.

Origin: Sumatra

Process: Wet-Hulled (Giling Basah)

This special release has all the marks of what one comes to expect with a classic Sumatra, however it offers a sweeter, cleaner profile and higher cup quality. This was sourced based on quality and profile through our importer (Cafe Imports), and as such it carries limited traceability compared to our other coffees.

Giling Basah

We wouldn’t just throw a random term up there without explaining what it meant! Here’s how our friends at Cafe Imports explain how this coffee was processed:

Before the 1970s, coffees in Sumatra were processed in the two most commonly found methods worldwide: washed and natural. In the 1970s, Japanese interest in Sumatran coffees led to the introduction of the Wet-Hulled process, a unique style of handling and drying that is largely responsible for Sumatran coffees’ unmistakable flavor characteristics, but also their normally greenish-blue hue.

In Sumatra, coffee farmers will typically harvest their coffee cherry and depulp it by hand at their farm or home, allow it to dry for a very short time, then bring it either to a coffee marketplace or directly to a “collector,” or collection point, where the beans are purchased at anywhere from 30–50% moisture, with their mucilage still partially intact. The coffee is then combined and hulled (has its parchment removed) while it is still in this high-moisture state. The coffee is then dried to the more commonly globally accepted 11–13% moisture in order to prepare for export.

While there is some experimentation currently being done with large-scale Washed coffee for export—currently much of the Washed coffee produced is for local consumption—the Wet-Hulled process was developed specifically to speed up drying and efficiency in a climate that sees heavy rain and clouds most of the year: Removing the parchment layer allows the coffee to dry much faster on patios or tarps even in these conditions.

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